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My name's Massimo Martellotta (born in Rome, 1978) and i'm a composer, pop multi-instrumentalist and record producer/arranger based in Milan, Italy. 


I write music for movies, commercials, games, theatre show. I also play in the instrumental band Calibro 35.


I studied 10 years of private piano lessons in the early days, then i moved to guitar but i really like to play piano, vintage keys as well and drums.


I've produced some theme songs and jingles for the italian radio network RAI Radio2 and music for comercials: Carlsberg, Mcdonald's, Vodafone, Algida, Chupa Chups, Ministero della Difesa and i won the KeyAward as Best Ad Music with the piano solo song "Venezia" written and performed for Citroen.


I did the original music for the Kid's Top Selling IOS and Android App called "DADA'".


Some of my compositions have been used in international and italian soundtracks like the Hollywood Blockbuster's "R.E.D." with Bruce Willis, John Snellinberg’s "La banda del brasiliano", and Michele Placido’s "Gi Angeli del Male." 

I've composed movie soundtracks like Francesco Patierno’s "Giusva", Joseph Lefèvre’s "SAID" and music for the world touring dance crew KATAKLO'


I'm the main composer, co-founder and guitarist/keyboardist for the Milan based band Calibro 35, a band that plays Italian soundtracks from the '60s and '70s and original compositions. 


With Calibro 35 we released five albums and three original soundtracks distributed worldwide and sampled by Jay-Z, Dr.Dre and Daemon Albarn. We've played hundreds of gigs in Italy (Calibro35 opened for UK band Muse during their last Italian tour), Europe, United States, South America.

Also, we did the official jingles and background music for the italian top mainstream national R.A.I. Radio 1 


I composed and realized music for the world final of Redbull BC One 2015, the world break dance competition in the project "Around the world in 20 breaks" invented by Grammy Award Winner producer Tommaso Colliva


In 2015, i created a TV show called "Tadà!", a "5-minutes -in -the-60's" TV format presented by italian actor Filippo Timi, for Deejay TV - Discovery Channel International Group -  where i play also the role of the resident band director. 


I've collaborated with many italian and international artists as producer, arranger and songwriter: Stewart Copeland, Francesco Tricarico, Eugenio Finardi, Moltheni, Dente, Nina Zilli, Noa and Mauro Refosco from Red Hot Chili Peppers. 


I really like cooking and food sharing, as i like to play instruments.





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